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Looking for a Ring


There was a toolshed beside Tom’s house. The shed, where he kept his tools, had no window at all. So, it was always dark inside although it was day.

One day, Tom went into the toolshed to get ladder. When he was taking the ladder from its place, he dropped his ring. He left the ladder inside and went out of the shed.

Outside he began to look for the ring. He could not find it even though he had been seraching for quite a long time. His friend saw him searching for something and approached him. He asked, “What are you looking for, Tom?”

I’m looking for my ring. I just dropped it,” he answered while he continued searching.

“L et me help you. By the way, where did you dop it?” asked his friend,

“Inside the shed, he answered as he pointed to the shed.

His friend was surprised and said, “ Why don’t you look for it inside the shed?”

“Are you kidding? Inside the shed is very dark. I cannot see anything there. How can I find it? it is very bright here because of the sunlight. So, I’m sure I’ll see my ring here,” Tom explained.