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Recount Text : Weekend

This is the example of recount text.


Nida spent her weekend at home. It was a tired weekend because she had many activities.

Nida watered the flower in the morning. She also washed her clothes and cleaned her house.

In the afternoon, Nida ironed the clothes. She arranged her clothes in the wardrobe.

In the evening, Nida prepared the material for test. She studied English and Mathematic.


This is the example of recount text.


Last holiday, Nida and her friends went camping on the mountain. They went to mount Muria.

They prepared everything before going on camping. The boys prepared the tents. The girls prepared the food. They brought cooking utensils and the food from home. They brought clothes, camera, guitar, etc.

On the first day, they sat up the tent. The girls made the fence of the area. Then, they cooked the food for the lunch.

On the second day, they had some activities. They went on hiking. They took some pictures. They sang song together.

They had camping for about three days. On the last day, they went home happily. They felt very tired.


Jane’s Party

Jane had a party in her house last sunday. It was her birthday party.

She invited her friends. Her classmates and neighbors attended her party. They brought her a lot of gifts and birthday cards.

The party began at seven o’clock p.m. They sang birthday song together. They blew the candles. Then she cut birthday cake and gave it to her parents. They ate and drank together.

The party ended at ten o’clock p.m. They were very happy.