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Many scientist has predicted and proposed many hypothesis about the doomsday in the past. They proposed some arguments, facts, evidences and hypothesis about the happening in the past.

And now, they found a new facts and evidences about the space objects which were hit the earth and caused million thousand population was lost. The evidences were found in Mexico, a lake in Mexico.

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New Evidence “Doomsday” of The Past.

In the next few days, comet Swan will hit the Sun. It is approximately at March 22, 2012. By this happening, let us wait, what will happen. Comet Swan will survive or not.

Last time, Comet Lovejoy hit the Sun, but there was nothing happen. Lovejoy survived. Many comets have orbit near the sun. And some of them is predicted will hit the Sun. This comet comes from the big comet in the ancient time.


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Comet Swan Will Hit The Sun.

A black hole may eat space object arrogant it. For example, asteroids and other space objects. As we know that black hole has a great gravity.

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A Black Hole Eating Asteroid Has Been Recorded.