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Hana’s Garden.

Hana’s Garden

Hana has a beautiful garden.

The garden is located in front of her house. It is near the gate.

There are many plants and flower in the garden. There are mango and papaya trees in the corner. There are some flower around them. They are rose, jasmine, orchid, and so on. Hana likes them very much. She waters them every morning.


Nida’s Doll

Nida has a new doll. She usually call it Clara.

Clara is a Barbie doll. It’s so beautiful and elegant. It has blonde hair and red lips. It wears a red dress. Clara has several outfits with different patterns.


My Classroom

My classroom is large and always clean. We sweep it every morning.

It is located in front of the teachers office. It is beside the science laboratory.

It has twenty tables. There are forty chairs. There is a big whiteboard in front of the class.
There is a teacher desk near the whiteboard. We put a vase on it. There is a clock on the wall.