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Narrative : Roro Jonggrang

Long time ago, there was a beautiful girl. Her name was Roro Jonggrang. Her beauty was so famous around the country. Every man wanted to marry her.

One of them was Bandung Bondowoso. He was a young man with a supranatural power. Roro Jonggrang agreed to marry him with one condition. He had to built one thousand temples during one night.

Bandung agreed with that condition. He began to built the temple. He built the temple with his supranatural power. Soon, he had built many temples.

Roro Jonggrang worried about that. Then, she asked the villagers to make their cock to crow at night. Bandung Bondowoso supposed that it had been morning. He ended to built the temple.

Bandung was angry because Roro Jonggrang lied to him. Then he made Roro Joggrang become a statue to complete one thousand temple.

Beauty and the Beast

This is the example of Narrative.

Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Beauty. She lived with her father and sisters in a small village.

Beauty was a beautiful girl. She was very nice and hardworking. She always helped her father in the farm.

One day, her father set out for the city. He saw an old castle and went in. He walked around the castle. He picked a rose from garden for Beauty. Suddenly, an angry Beast appeared. He wanted to kill him unless Beauty was brought to him.

Beauty went to see the Beast and had to stay at the castle. She felt scared, lonely and sad. But the Beast treated her well. Soon, She began to like him.

One day, her father was sick. Beauty went home to see her father. One night, she had a dream that the Beast was sick.

Beauty hurried back and saw the Beast dying. She began to cry. Tears felt onto the Beast. Suddenly, the Beast changed into handsome prince.

Finally, they got married and lived happily for ever after.


The Legend of Mount Wayang

Long time ago, there was a small kingdom on the slope of Mount Wayang in West Java. The King named Sang Prabu was a wise man. He had a daughter called Princess Teja Nirmala. She was beautiful but she was not married. One day, Sang Prabu made up his mind to settle the matter by a show of strength.

After that, Prince of Blambangan won the competition. Unfortunately, the wicked fair,Princess Segara fell in love with Raden Bengawan, the Prince of Blambangan. She used magic power to render him unconscious and forgot the wedding.

Soon afterward, he was realized that he had been enchanted by the wicked fairy. So, she killed Raden Bengawan. Princess Teja Nirmala heard this. She was so sad. A nice fairy took her to Kahyangan.

The story goes that on certain moonlight nights, one can hear that sound of music in the air about from the top of mountain. It indicates that Sang Prabu and his daughter have not met each other till dawn.