Here is the other example of Anecdote, I wish it can be used as a reference for you, all the reader of my blog.


The Power of Tradition


The young husband clearly loved to cook and the dinners he served his new wife convinced her that she was indeed a lucky woman.

One thing puzzled her, though, and at last she decided to enquire. “Oh, my dear. Why do you always cut a smal piece off the end of the roast before you put it into the oven?”

“Well, to tell the truth. I do it because my mother always does it,” he replied.

At the next family gathering, the wife decided to satisfy her curiosity. She drew her mother in law aside and put the question to her. The older woman went a bit red, and replied, “Well, to tell the truth, I do it because my mother always does it.”

Undaunted, the wife waited until they paid a visit to eighty years old Nan. Knowing she’d enjoy hearing the story, she told her about her persevering quest to find the answer to the chopped off roast.

“Incredible,” she croacked. “Imagine the two of them doing that!. ”Why, I only cut the piece off because my pan was too small.”