Read the text below carefully!

Dream Food Restaurant

There is a new restaurant near my house in Jalan H. Ari No. 2. The restaurant is big and cozy. It has large parking and plenty of flower plants.

Dream Food restaurant provides Japanese and Indonesian food. You should try its oxtail soup and dorayaki cake, the taste are so delicious. It also gives discount for student, just show your students’ ID when you pay at the cashier.


Choose a, b or c for the right answer!

1. What is Dream Food?

a. Favourite food.

b. Restaurant.

c. A place near writer’s house.

2. How does Dream Food look like?

a. It’s large and comfortable.

b. It’s nice but small.

c. It’s far and cozy.

3. What kind of restaurant you think it is?

a. Teenager restaurant.

b. Family restaurant.

c. Kids restaurant.

4. What is the speciality menu there?

a. Soup.

b. Cake.

c. Oxtail soup.

5. What is the advantage by eating there?

a. Get a big discount.

b. Get promo price.

c. Get students’ discount.

Answer the following questions based on the text above!

  1. Where is the new restaurant located?


  1. What does Dream Food Restaurant provide?


  1. Is there any parking area in the Dream Food Restaurant?


  1. Do students get discount there?


  1. What should students do to get discount in Dream Food?


  1. What does “it” in the first paragraph refers to?


  1. Can students buy Oxtail soup there?


  1. Can the students get discount without showing ID Card?



State true or false based on the text above!

Statement                                                                                             True/False

  1. The new restaurant isn’t big but cozy.                        ________
  2. The new restaurant doesn’t have park area.            ________
  3. The new restaurent provides Dorayaki cake.          ________
  4. The new restaurant gives discount to student.       ________
  5. Dream Food is far from the writer’s house.              ________