Read the following text carefully!

Andi is a junior high school student. He goes to SMP 2. Everyday, he goes to school on foot.

Andi likes reading books and he goes swimming every week. He never comes late to school. He always respects and obeys his parents and teacher.

Answer the following questions based on the text above!

  1. Who is Andi?


  1. Where is he studying?


  1. How does he go to school?


  1. Does he like swimming?


  1. Does he like coming late to school?


State true or false based on the text above!

Statement                                     True/False

  1. Andi is senior high school student.       ________
  2. Andi goes to school at SMP 2.                 ________
  3. Andi goes to school by bicycle.             ________
  4. Andi likes reading book.                           ________
  5. Andi goes swimming once a week.        ________
  6. Andi doesn’t obey his teacher.               ________
  7. Andi is diligent student.                            ________
  8. Andi always respect to his parents.      ________