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How To Make Key Chain


Little information to make your own craft keychains and may be sold or in life itself, to shape this development and it’s up to you, handicraft materials that are environmentally friendly cornstarch turns can be made trinkets unique crafts such as candle holders, wall hangings , pencil boxes, picture frames, painting a very attractive, key chains, etc. ..

For the model you can get a little to imagine or looking for ideas and can replicate the model made of clay.
already in the market

To make a wall decoration material the following ingredients:

Raw materials:
1.flour bulk cornstarch, 400 g
2.glue fox 200 gr
3.water and cooking oil to taste

Supporting materials:
1.paper carton
2 coloring  food (brands grave, etc.)

Working tool:
1.small knfe, cookie cutters, plastic mats for printing, scissors etc.

The steps of making crafts:

1. Combine Glue and flour into a container / jar of water and then add the oil little by little while kneading kneaded by hand until the dough fluffier

2. Take the dough of thumb for mothers jarikelingking rounded spherical shape as many as 400 pieces and pat dry .. while waiting for the dry well with other models of the form .. and do not forget the love of colors that appeal to a model model. glue them together with a fox in the area of the wall. 3. For maximum results you should not do pengerimngan using the oven.

It would be nice if the drying process using solar heat

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