What is actually procedure text? How it is organized? Where do we usually find procedural text? What’s the function of the text?

A procedure text is a kind of text which is used to describe how something is accomplished through a sequence of actions or steps. It belongs to factual genre. A procedural text is used to tell someone how to do or make something. We can find this type of text in many forms, such as instruction manual and recipes.

Procedure is organized by goal, material and followed by steps. Goal is assumed as the title of the text. Materials tell the material needed. Steps provide a series of steps oriented to achieve the goal.

Procedure has significance lexicogrammatical features. It focuses on generalized human agents for example you, the player, etc. Procedures texts mainly use material process such as add, mix, boil, cut, click, throw, etc. It also mainly use Temporal Conjunctions or numbering (first, the,, next, etc). It uses Simple Present Tense and often Imperative (mix it well, stir, etc).

Prosedural text has different types based on its purpose. They are as follow:

1.     Texts that explain how something works or how to use instruction and operation manuals such as how to use the video, the computer, the tape recorder, the photocopier, the fax.

2.     Texts that instruct how to do a particular activity eg recipes, rules for games, science experiments, road safety rules.

3.     Texts that deal with human behaviour eg how to live happily, how to succeed.

The following text is the example of procedure text.




1.    Material and Equipment

  1. Fried instant noodle
  2. Water 400 cc
  3. Stove
  4. Bowl
  5. Pan

2.    Cooking Instructions

  1. Boil 400ml (2 glasses) of water in a pan. Add noodle, stir slowly for 3 minutes.
  2. While the noodle is being cooked, put the seasoning, sweet soy sauce and chili sauce in a bowl.
  3. Take the cooked noodle from the boiling water and drain it.
  4. Put the cooked noodle into the bowl with seasoning, sweet soy sauce and chili sauce mix well.
  5. Sprinkle fried crispy onion.

Finally the noodle is ready to be served

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