Mouse Deer aka Sang Kancil is a legendary character from Indonesia. Many Indonesian fable’s involve The Mouse Deer in the plot of the story. This is one of the story of The Mouse Deer.

The Farmer and The Mouse Deer

One day, Mouse Deer walked around the forest. Then he was bored and went to the edge of the jungle. The Mouse Deer saw row after row of vegetables in a garden near the forest edge.
“Wow…juicy cucumbers!” said Mouse Deer. He began to walk into the garden. “It must be very delicious!”

Suddenly, snap! “Oh..oh..!” unfortunately, his leg was caught in a trap. He tried to pull his leg, but he couldn’t get away. “Poor of me! This is the end of my life,” he said, “the farmer will catch me for dinner!”

Soon, he saw the farmer coming. He was confuse. He thought fast. He had an idea. He lay on the ground and made his body stiff.

“Well..Well..Finally I got you!Poor Mouse Deer!” said the farmer, “but you look dead”

The farmer pushed the mouse deer with his foot. But the Mouse Deer didn’t move. “Perhap you have been dead,” said the farmer. “it’s a pity! I can’t eat you”

He pulled Mouse Deer’s leg out of the trap. Then he brought the Mouse Deer into the forest. The Mouse Deer landed with a soft plop. Then he jumped up and ran away. “Hey! You tricked me!” the farmer yelled. The Mouse Deer laughed, “You are smart but I am smarter than you!”