Lebai Malang

Once upon time, in Sumatra, there was a Lebai. People often invited him to pray for the “selamatan” ceremony and gave him the head of the buffalo used in the ceremony.

One day, he got two ceremony invitations at the same time in two different villages. This made him confused which one to attend.

On the day of the ceremonies, Lebai was hurriedly and confusedly attended one of the ceremony in his boat. However, when he almost reached it, he stopped his boat. He remembered that the ceremony in other river bank slaughtered two buffalos. He turned his boat quickly downstream to go there and hoped to get two buffalo’s head.

Unfortunately, when Lebai arrived in the ceremony, it was over. This made him back again quickly to the other ceremony. When he reached there, the ceremony was over.

Lebai went home disappointedly because he got nothing in the ceremony. It was an unlucky day for him. People called him “Lebai Malang”.