How to Serve “Jamu Tolak Angin”

– a glass/cup
– a tea spoon
– 1 sachet of “Jamu Tolak Angin”
– 1 sachet of “Madu Kembang”
– 1 sachet of “Beras Kencur”
– 1 sachet of “Ginseng Pill”
– 1 sachet of “Jahe Wangi”

First, prepare the materials.
Second, pour 1 sachet of “Jamu Tolak Angin” into 100cc hot water
After that, add “Madu Kembang” and “Beras Kencur”
Next, stir well and its ready for consumption.
Afterwards, take the “Ginseng Pill”
Finally, pour 1 sachet of “Jahe Wangi” into 50cc hot water to neutralize aftertastes.