Malin Kundang

Once upon a time in West Sumatra,there was a village boy whose name was Malin Kundang.He lived with his old and poor mother.He went to the city for many years and became a rich man as a succesful merchant and had a beautiful wife.
One day,his boat sailed the harbor of the town near his village.This made a lot of village people including his old and poor mother came to meet him,but the man didn’t confess that the woman was his mother.He behaved rudely to the woman.He ashamed to have an old and poor mother.She was very sad and went home disappointedly.
Village people was sorry for Malin’s mother and helped her for living.She tried to forget her son and she could did it.At last God condemned Malin for his bad attitude toward his mother and made him became a statue.
Now people call it “Batu si Malin Kundang”,the statue of a bad boy.We can see the stone from Air Manis,a village on the coast of West Sumatra near Padang.